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Abhisheka, K and Aravind, NA and Ganesh, T (2011) Of the hunter and the hunted. Deccan Herald.

Aditya, Vikram (2017) To save an ecology less-explored. Deccan Herald.

Ankila Hiremath, J and Krishnan, Siddhartha (2016) India knows its invasive species problem but this is why nobody can deal with it properly. The Wire.

Atkore, Vidyadhar (2013) Enigmatic Encounters: Excerpts From A Field Biologist. Saevus.


Balaji, Poorna (2017) A tree cut is not the same as a tree planted: understanding ‘quick fix’ solutions to development consequences. Eartha : environment, development, and sustainability.


Chowdhury, Annesha (2017) What going organic means for biodiversity conservation and human wellbeing in Darjeeling's tea estates. Eartha: environment, development, sustainability.

Chowdhury, Annesha (2017) The rarest by the road. Saevus.


Datta Roy, Anirban and Teegalapalli, Karthik (2013) Death in the Hills: Mithun Calves, Arunachal Pradesh's hill symbols, are threatened by an epidemic of foot-and-mouth disease. The Indian Express.


Ganesh, T and Prashanth, MB (2017) How the decline in India's harrier population hurts its farmers. Blog.

Goswami, Rajkamal (2016) Biodiversity damage: once dense forests in Kumaon now resemble cremation grounds. blog.

Goswami, Rajkamal (2014) Cleanliness Beyond Cities, Celebrities And Tokenisms. The Shillong Times.


Kamaljit Bawa, S (2016) Decline of pollinators threatens food supply. The Hindu.

Kamaljit Bawa, S (2010) Our biodiversity, our life, our future: What can arrest the steady decline of our ecosystems? The Hindu.

Kodiveri, Arpitha (2017) Conflicting Laws are criminalising forest communities for exercising their rights. The Wire.

Kothari, Ashish and Rai, Nitin (2011) Biligiri Tiger reserve: include Soligas in conservation plan. Deccan Herald.

Krishnan, Siddhartha (2017) Mountain tourism: the Gorkhey story. Darjeeling Times.

Krishnan, Siddhartha and Lama, Rinzi (2017) It’s time to make conservation labour visible again. The Wire.

Krishnaswamy, Jagdish (2013) A warning to tropical mountains. Deccan Herald.

Kuttuva, Pradeep and Lele, Sharachchandra and Heble, Nakul (2016) Apartments struggle with 'manage your own sewage' rule. Citizen Matters Bangalore.


Lele, Sharachchandra (2018) Smoke in the woods. The Hindu.

Lele, Sharachchandra (2017) ET By invite - investing crores but passing the buck. The Economic Times (Bangalore).

Lele, Sharachchandra and Heble, Nakul (2016) Changes in pollution board undermine accountability. Deccan Herald.

Lele, Sharachchandra and Jamwal, Priyanka and Srinivasan, Veena (2016) Managing our lakes and sewage. Deccan Herald.

Lele, Sharachchandra and Kuttuva, Pradeep and Heble, Nakul (2016) BWSSB's wrong approach. Deccan Herald.

Lele, Sharachchandra and Srinivasan, Veena (2017) Death knell for citizen-led lake governance. Panorama (Deccan Herald) (11).

Lenin, Janaki and Uniyal, Meghna and Vanak, Abi Tamim (2016) Do Dogs Threaten People’s Right to Safety in Public Spaces? The Wire.


Muralidharan, Rahul (2017) What the 45-day annual fishing ban in Tamil Nadu means for fisheries conservation. The Wire.


Nagendra, Harini (2010) Ringing out the old: urban ecology. Deccan Herald.

Nagendra, Harini (2010) Whither giant trees? Deccan Herald.

Nagendra, Harini (2011) An eye on the forests. Deccan Herald.

Nair, Tarun (2017) Of Government, God and Gharial: The Ecological Pogrom in Chambal’s Badlands. The Wire.


Pradhan, Sunita (2016) Strengthening interpretation of Singalila National Park. Darjeeling Times.

Prajapati, Prakriti and Solomon, Divya (2016) The wicked problem of invasive species management in India. ASSAR: Adaptation at Scale in Semi Arid-Regions Blog.

Purushothaman, Seema and Seema Hegde, S (2010) Miscellany: benefits of forests, direct and indirect. Deccan Herald.


Ramesh, Madhuri and Muralidharan, M (2016) Turning turtle. The Hindu.

Ravikanth, G and Aravind, NA (2017) Need for national policy to recover endangered species. The Dialogue: inform engage ideate.


Srinivasan, Veena (2016) Cauvery row: let us dive into facts and figures. The Economic Times (Blogs).

Srinivasan, Veena and Lele, Sharachchandra (2016) Why we must have water budgets: If we run out of groundwater, millions of people will be left without any means to sustain themselves. The Hindu.


Uniyal, Meghna and Vanak, Abi Tamim (2016) Barking up the wrong tree: the agency in charge of controlling street dogs is completely ineffective. blog.


Vanak, Abi Tamim (2017) Why does rabies still plague India in the 21st century? India Alliance Newsletter (14). pp. 11-12.

Vanak, Abi Tamim and Belsare, Aniruddha (2016) The street is no place for dogs: swinging wildly between wanton killing of dogs and extreme ‘pro-life’ interventions, India has never framed a rational, scientifically valid dog ownership or population control strategy. The Hindu.

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