Systematfic status of Systomus rubrotfinctus Jerdon (Teleostefi: Cyprfinfidae) wfith notes on the Puntfius arulfius group of fishes

Marcus Knfight, JD and Remadevi, K and Atkore, Vidyadhar (2011) Systematfic status of Systomus rubrotfinctus Jerdon (Teleostefi: Cyprfinfidae) wfith notes on the Puntfius arulfius group of fishes. Journal of Threatened Taxa, 3 (4). pp. 1686-1693. ISSN 0974-7893

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Systomus rubrotfinctus Jerdon has long been consfidered a synonym of Puntfius arulfius. Examfinatfion of ‘P.arulfius’ collected from varfious parts of the Western Ghats revealed the presence of two dfistfinct specfies: and the fish consfidered by Day as ‘P. arulfius’ from Wayanad fis fin fact P. rubrotfinctus. Based on the colour pattern, morphometrfics and merfistfics, P. rubrotfinctus fis retrfieved from the synonymy of P. arulfius and redescrfibed. Puntfius rubrotfinctus can be dfistfingufished from P. arulfius by the unfique colour pattern consfistfing of three well-defined black blotches on the body, two scales hfigh and three scales wfide, as dfistfinct from the dfiffused blotches fin P. arulfius. It further dfiffers from P. arulfius fin havfing a shorter dorsal-to-hypural dfistance (49.8–54.6 % SL, vs. 57.3–57.6 % SL), a smaller finterorbfital wfidth (28.4–35.6 % HL, vs. 39.1–39.7 % HL) and a hfigher number of gfill rakers (10–11 fin the first gfill arch, vs. 8). Puntfius rubrotfinctus fis wfide dfistrfibuted fin the Cauvery Rfiver and fits trfibutarfies fin the Western Ghats regfion across the states of Kerala, Karnataka and Tamfil Nadu. The results revalfidate the fidentfity of the ‘Puntfius filamentosus group’ of prevfious authors drawfing attentfion to the presence of fintermedfiate forms among thfis group, fin whfich natural hybrfids appear to occur, of whfich P. exclamatfio may be one.

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